The universal cupboard system makes it possible to customize the storage for any office.‎ The lines of the design bring systematic order to any creative chaos.‎ Documents, paper, and files are organized into an efficient and versatile system concealed behind a selection of font styles and different unit heights.‎ Coordinate the high-quality finish with your interior décor – the choice is yours.‎ Design can be used as a room divider in an open space, bringing structure into the office and effortlessly creating individual storage and a private sphere.‎Top management cabinet or Flat model, made of MDF wood, covered with a layer of high-quality melamine anti-scratch and friction, comes in two colors, and can be manufactured in one color as desired by the customerالمواصفات و الخامات
{200.40.80(H.D.W)}-{160.40.80(H.D.W)}-{120.40.80(H.D.W)}المقاسات المتاحه


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