This set adds a modern feel that feels comfortable and simple by looking at itTop management office from Gentry model made of wood, a double-tone pinch of two colors, one of which is an acrylic gray and the other is of matte brown with the ability to change color. The office curtain is designed in a modern and different way. The office can be equipped with a mechanism to control the level of the height and the low of the office to ensure the highest comfort for the user to avoid back and feet problem. Equipped with a right or left hand holder for Bush to Open mains, and can be replaced by handlesالمواصفات و الخامات
{200.90.75(L.D.H)}-{220.90.75(L.D.H)}-{240.100.75(L.D.H)}-{280.100.75(L.D.H)}المقاسات المتاحه


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